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June 7, 2011


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I am sure the King would be proud :)

Great pic!

Wonderful photo! I miss the action in Union Square :-)

Very well, then!!!
kisses from your follower ♡

With love Little Sable

Another MJ impersonator!


Amazing pic!

Haha, soooo cool.

Yee hee...well captured.

"giggles" well titled and well captured... this is what makes NYC so much fun.

The perfect shot captured in motion. Love it.


"There'll be swingin', swayin' and records playin' and dancin' in the streets"

love this!

Wonderful! These are my favourite kind of shots on my favourite blog. A friend was saying it's like 98 degrees in NY now: it's hard to believe, we're FREEZING here!

I love the slight blur in his toe - poetry in motion. And the look of the crowd, blurred and bleached out, but you can see they're simply captivated.

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