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June 22, 2011


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I've seen several pianos propped up by the city for everyone to play around here. It's just so pretty. The first one I've ever seen was just casually hanging out in front of a bakery waiting for someone to come along and play :-) And people indeed go and do that.

Relatable Style

Love the painted piano. Great facial expression.


What a cool sighting! In my nearly 15 years in NYC (which was a few years ago), I don't recall ever coming across a street piano player. I guess I'll scour Central Park when I visit in 2 weeks :-)

Lovin' it. Nice shot.

I LOVE this! The outdoor music day is coming up I believe and they will have pianos stationed all over the city!!

I just saw a harp player in Central Park last week :) I LOVE NYC SO MUCH!

i love the other pic of the piano man too, it's quite fascinating how this guys play on the streets

Was in NYC on Monday, 6/20, and saw musicians in Bryant Park but no pianos. Next time I will be headed to Central Park! Love this!

Your blog always reminds me of why I love NY's energy and gusto..


That piano is pretty cool!

Oh this is awesome! I went to Geneva last weekend and they had pianos scattered around the city that people would come up to and play. The weather was miserable, absolutely pouring down, but there wasn't a piano I walked down that someone wasn't sitting down at and playing. It is such a beautiful and mesmerizing thing to see.

Love this shot. xx

I really have to thank you for all these photos, I'm so homesick and getting a glimpse of my beloved city (aside from the governor scandal) makes me happy.

this ia art...great pic as always


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