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May 12, 2011


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Just fantastic. I've spent several minutes looking at this photograph because there's quite a bit going on. Love it. I am also excited about the advent of summer!

There are a lot of people in this one ^^ Frankly, it looks like an ad for some kind of young, hip jeans brand. Stylishly composed. But that's a good thing! And I sound like my grandma, lol! Not necessarily a good thing...

Relatable Style

Think I can squeeze in there tomorrow afternoon?
Love this photo! Especially the guy in the forefront who looks like an observer too.

lucky you, here in Norway it's raining since yesterday. Thank you for your comments! :* The last one made me cry of happiness. :)

I was here on the weekend. It was AMAZING to be outside in that sun!

I want summer back.. Look at the freedom!
Sydney is freezing at the moment.
Lee x

summer breeze, makes me...

Glad you can enjoy it. We finally have a bit of rain. Not that I dislike sunshine, but it was getting really dry and I dislike brown gras.

Aha! You've got 'our' heat wave! See: good things come to those who wait.

I love this shot: a sea of humanity. It looks almost like a Hieronymus Bosch painting: or Where's Waldo.

Funny timing, you 'stopping by' when you did: just got in and someone was asking about you. Sorry to be so cryptic: will send an email.

This looks like a modern impressionist painting. Great social commentary. Xxxx

I just want to live in this photo. It's amazing.


I second the Hieronymous Bosch comment, stripped of the grotesque (and connotations of sin)! Beautiful Summer of Love shot.

divine. winter has come early here in australia so much enjoying this sip of summer - nice work on capturing this moment!

Love how in the city everyone just piles together in the park... practically lying on top of each other because there is so little space. This photo is so cool. Why does it have a sort of early 70s hippy feeling? Maybe it's the couple kissing on the left side? Very summer loving... xx

WOW! It is amazing!

It's a beautiful Photo !

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