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May 11, 2011


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I love hair art. Creates such an unique signature.
Once again.. clean, sharp and gorgeous photos
lee x

I love the detail in these shots.

I don't think of myself as taking risks when it comes to my hair. But a lot of women tell me I'm "brave" to have my current style. I've had the Mia Farrow Rosemary's Baby pixie for some time now.

I am the ONLY woman in my office with hair above her shoulders. We're talking about an office with ages ranging from 20 to 60. Sad, very sad.

You're right. It grows back. Faster than you think!

unfortunately i'm as bald as an eggshell so i tend to shut up when hair conversations come up. but i couldn't with these works of art. well spotted.

Beautifully shot. Being a ballerina bunhead has limited my hair length choices, but every time I go to a "celebrity stylist", the first thing they want to do is chop it down above my ears, Mia Farrow style!

@ The Foolish Aesthete: My stylist always wants to create a short bob it seems. fortunately, she cannot always remember when she last trimmed it . . . so I fib to her so that she will lay off the scissors. "Oh, you cut it the last time I was here, remember?"

Nada... my hair is already at risk.

I've been seeing a lot of hair art in Chicago too. I photographed Cheryl Pope, a member of Nick Cave's dance fashion troupe (and SAIC instructor), with her 3-D cube design hair art that was shaved into the left side of her head. I think this is a really cool trend that looks best on people with short hair.


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