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May 13, 2011


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I love both of these images, particularly the second one. She is totally absorbed in her book and her surroundings are beautifully captured by you.

Agreed :-)

Relatable Style

Hmmm, didn't do it yet. How's the iPad? What do you use it for except reading books ? I love those recent posts and they make me miss NY all of a sudden.

beautiful images. never say never. we live in modern times where we have to adapt to whatever is most convenient from i-pads to air travel.

Such beautiful photos. I think I have that Italo Calvino book she's reading ... anyway, I succumbed and got iPad2-ed last month too. Still have wall to wall books and continue to love the smell of second-hand bookstores. Really missing Central Park thru your photos! I might spot you in the Park in July when I'm back in town!

Love those pictures and the shoes of these Ladies. And yes, I know what you mean with bookworm real vs. digital books. I don't own an iPad yet, but old trekkie that I am, it's only a matter of time (and money).
However I prefer real bookstores, it's easier to browse there, and then you can decide yourself on which page you have a look. And I totally like antique bookstores and libraries, somehow the smell and the feel of them are really comforting to me. Yes, I definitely AM A BOOKWORM.
Enjoy your weekend.

I love you photos, they´re beaut.

I love both of these shots, especially the second one.
I too am a bookworm and proud of it!

I love the ipad ... and Washington Square Park.
couldn't buy any while staying in NYC end of april, poor me. Are they in stock now ?

Never say never! I said the same thing before the Ipad comes.. at this present I am glued to my Ipad (book section).
Stunning photos.. These girls seems to peaceful
Lee x

Argone: I ordered mine the first week it came out (went to buy that first night and the lines were out of this world). It took 6 weeks to arrive! But so worth it. It's possibly the greatest invention of this century so far (I exaggerate but it's got to be in the top 10!)

Lee: I know. I cannot say never ever again!

i love it

Nice photo! :)

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