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April 11, 2011


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Ooh, striking indeed!

I love how these streetstyle 'muses' crop up - they change each season. Haven't been following the Sartorialist - haven't had time - but would love to see his, if you have the link

She's beautiful and I love the shot: and love that it's black and white, all the more... striking ; )

You are just killing me with this brilliant portraits! She is stunning!


Jill: Thanks for the comment. Go into the February archives in Sartorialist's blog. I think you will find her there.

Alexandra: Aww! Thanks!

Eline: She is quite striking, I think.

She should be a muse for designers, as well. Hell, I look at her and poems practically write themselves.

An instant favorite.

The show has moved from the inside to the street. That's why I love shooting outside these shows. It's like if they're not going to invite people inside, then there's always a show outside the big name designers in terms of stylish fashionistas. Again, great portrait.

I can so see why. She is beautiful. Great shot of her. Xxxx

I'm impressed. As much as yesterday... Is she as powerful in her life as she seems to be here?
Beautiful "model" and beautiful portrait.

Amazing, there may yet be some possibility.
check out and let us know.


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