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March 14, 2011


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she is sooo beautiful! and i love her sense of style

omg those gloves are crazy. what a shot!

She is gorgeous & so stylish!


Simply extraordinary. Great shot!


Those nails come from the gloves haha thank God because otherwise she could seriously hurt somebody :P!
Anyways as usual your pictures are beautiful!

so many things to look at in this picture! i hope the nails are from the gloves, scary otherwise.

Nice hat! She looks always faboulus!! And always your shot is perfect!!
Brava! ;-)

She looks amazing and I love her outfit!

Im so excited, LA! Yes, it must be very different from sweden, I have been in New Mexico before, and that was very diffenrent from Sweden, and I have never been in a really big city with skyscrapers, This trip will be so much fun!

And thank you, I'm happy you liked the post and the photos!

Johanna, Sweden

Amazing portrait as always, your pictures are always wonderful, landscapes as portraits! Anyway the nails are part of the gloves!

She is lovely. I met her too in Paris. Her boyfriend takes lovely pictures of her as well. This is a nice shot of her. Xxxx

She's gorgeous! And those nails have to be part of the gloves!!!

Chiara! SO beautiful..
Great photos!
Amazing blog..


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Wonderful hat & beautiful face, v well captured. Impressed.


shes very sweet and all but i cant for the love of god figure out how she can afford all the PR services to make her famous over a period of 1 yr with a pretty normal sense of style.

Yes, they were Dominic Jones' gloves :D


It's all about the gloves isn't it?

Yes, I think those nails are on the gloves. I remember seeing a similar pair on Luxirare a while back . . .

me encanta Chiara♥ laumassaferro.blogspot.com

complimenti alla signora Chiara Ferragni. E una bellissima ragazza! mi piacerebbe conoscerla. saluti. Antonio.

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