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February 17, 2011


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In addition to ADR, she also is a phenomenon. Her writing is sensational in addition to beautiful photography.

I'm never tired of looking photos of her, she's got that kind of natural and particular beauty. Great capture.

Did you talk to her?? She's my role model, for everything, I would so like to meet her!

Very beautiful photo: I always imagine her looking around with curious eyes, searching for the right moment, the right detail to shot.
Therefore, I think you translated in picture the imagine I have of Garance... and it's so beautiful to see it

Garance is so beautiful :)

Is it my impression, or there's something different in her face? Hum...
So the question that imposes itself is:


Tell us! Tell us!

I said hello but I didn't have a conversation with her. She seemed very focused!

this is an awesome pic! garance is beautiful

Ah I like that everybody (including me) likes Garance Dore... She's amazing and French !

This is a great portrait of her! She looks so contemplative here. Thanks for turning me on to the article. Sartorialist also posted it. Nice article. Sweet. But I was suprised at all of the negative comments. Were you?

garance and scott!!! what a week :)

Lovely photo of Garance.

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