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September 23, 2010


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awesome catch! :)

he is SO short!
But i love that he is wearing a pair of All Stars Converse !!

@lumikha: Thanks! Got lucky.

@Frida: True . . . but he's handsome and extremely engaging.

You were in the right place at the right time. Great candid shot.


Ahaaa, my thoughts exactly Frida "He's sooooooo small." And his personal style is also quite unexpected, sorry, but I don't like this particular outfit.

Thanks for the nice comment, I think I slowly get the hang of it (architectural photography). Buildings are easy, they stay where they are and don't talk back.

Cheers and take some time to relax.

I love so much your way of SEE, WATCHING... this backstage is amazing! Can i add you to the links of my http://giocodidonne.blogspot.com/ ?

the proportions in this picture are incredible. xx

Great pics!

My first thought was is he that short or are the women just THAT tall!

looks like you had loads of fun!

love this photo! I've seen Scott in person and he sure isn't tall, but he's a talented photographer and lets not forget he still got the pretty girl Garance Doré hehe ;-)


What a fabulous picture! Those two ladies look like amazons next to Scott :) Love the wedges on the 'friend' (especially when I saw the colour shot on the other blog).

oh my word...he really IS short! garance must be TINY! and to see jenna lyons too? with scott? you're one lucky girl!

He's a really cool dude to talk to and very engaging. I've run into and talked to him a couple of times before and he's the kind that gives you his all attention which usually doesn't happen with alot of famous people I've talked to before.
Look at the height contrast.
Great shot. Happy you found this one.

@The Nyanzi Report: David - I totally agree with you. I've spoken to him a couple times, once at length, and he was awesome. Really engaging and charming, actually.

@Mau: I've met Garance. She's about 5'7" or 5'8". So, she's definitely taller but when you've found the right person for you, height doesn't factor into the equation.

Great catch with the Sartorialist!

great composition in this photo. nice to see you snapped the sartorialist!

That's funny cause I ran into him a few times here, too. He had just come from North Carolina and the first day was very chilled. We're now on first name basis. Actually, come to think of it, just his first name. He knows me, and we talk, but I don't know if he actually knows my name.

Oh in a post coming up: our young friend Jazmine (do you know Jazzabelle's Diary?) was with us and everyone wanted to shoot her that day. We said we were going into the press lounge and she said 'just a minute, someone's taking my photo.' I glanced over and it was Scott. She didn't know it was the Sartorialist. I haven't checked to see if her shot is up but if you see a skinny girl with short dark hair in a pinkish tie dye maxi, that's our Jazzabelle. LOVELY girl, art student.

great capture

love the look!pretty

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holy shit i love Jenna Lyons so much, i think she is BRILLIANT. i shot scott schuman at paris fashion week last year too, i love how short he looks with the ladies! ;)
your comment made me laugh out loud... yeah... it's not the prettiest thing, but it's almost like it's so disgusting that i HAVE to have it!

You're absolutely right - Scott is a very nice person indeed. Met him at one of his book signings initially (which is where I met Garance and she wanted to shoot me for her blog - well spotted ;-))

Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog - genuinely appreciated. I am going to follow yours as well.


dude i was there too, go this picture too lol

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