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August 24, 2010


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I love her umbrella. And I love it that she doesn't let the weather dictate her style.

I know. Weather definitely dictates mine!

Great! Actually, what a great coincidence. I've just been watching Navid Baraty's photos this morning. Have you seen his work? I mean, about rain and all that "moisturized light". It might interest you. It worth it.
"Rain by Navid Baraty", but your blog doesn't let me put a link, I don't know why. So you just have to google it. I'm pretty sure you will enjoy it. (the site "trendsnow" gives a good selection)

I'm guessing she didn't get the memo?

i'm the same way - but i love that she is not :)

Love this shot. Great stuff.

This is great! My favorite part of your blog is the combination of the photos with the inspiration behind them. This one feels particularly poignant to me. I would like to give rain the finger myself.

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