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July 29, 2010


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Very romantic and elegant, it's like a movie scene ...
I love your beautiful cinematic composition.

Nice framing. I love the details in the building and for some reason I'm getting butterflies in my stumach from this photo. Maybe because I imagine that they are feeling that. I love the way the guy is blocking the doorway with his arm, like he doesn't want her to go anywhere. I've stared at this photo for a while... can't get enough of it, Thanks.

Wow this is such a beautiful shot, amazing!

Love, love, love! Real "coup de coeur" for that one. Quite romantic shot!

This is terrific!! Love the framing..and especially the moment so spontaneously captured!

I love this kind of shot. Hard to get it just right, like you did here


I would soooo love to see a show of your photos. Any chance a big city girl like you is showing in tiny Sacramento?

So sweet! <3

Charming, romantic scene.

You did it again! It's a wonderful image!!

Fantastic. Right place at the right time. I am so glad they spotted you too. Very powerful shot. xxxx

Whatta PERFECT moment! They look like they are lost in eachother! The moulding on that building is so stunning too, so detailed! Love the black and white contrast! Gorgeous photography!!!
xo The Beckerman Girls


"...they looked at me (and laughed) and then right back at each other..."

Sweet photo.

Romantic!! I love it!!
This composition is so beautiful.
It's movie.

cute !

Great feel with this one. I wish you went back and left your "card" so they could see this photo. :)

What a romantic moment. Love the framing.

Wow, cool photograph.
Just like a film still.

Amazing picture!!!!!!

Looks like a movie

-diary of a fashion stylist-

Nice composition! Looks like a film I would fall for; perfection.

I love a love thing!

love it !

Ooh ! How awkward. It's quite funny though, when someone spots you taking a picture - what do you do? Smile back? I love this picture. It's beautiful. It certainly is so powerful in black and white (Sorry, just read your header explanation)

x Vanessa

the way you capture the essence of a moment is beyond satisfying. just about anyone can relate and cannot help but smile.

@ Charm: Thank you. Really appreciate your comment.

Amazing!That is amazing..and I love it.

Lots of love,
Fashion Abuse

That is just way to rad.... I love it... storybook :)

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