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May 22, 2010


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I agree with the coolitude, great word!

His eyes are tender image to me.
And hair is wonderful.
Hair is sharp,eyeglass is mild.
This contrast is great.
Always,your photograph reflected one's intimate fellings.

He is striking - those jam jar glasses get me.


It's true that he is cool,
in the eyes we can see a soft or kind glance.
Amazing portrait .
The light is perfect ! :)

insouciant. there's is no other word to describe what you captured here.
You do have that effect on the people whose potraits i see hare.
He kind looks like the british soul artist Omar. I don't know whether you've heard of him coz he's been M.I.A for sometime now?

What an incredible portrait.

Gandhi in his punk-period. Lovely inner contradictions

Great great portrait, there's even a bit of softness in it I think. I like how you can see the tall buildings reflecting in his glasses :)

I just love the roundness of the image, makes it really easy flowing. Then there is the reflection in his glasses and that opens an other story, You have given a three dimensionality to the image. I mean we can see what you were seeing through your lens and what he was seeing through his. Great DOF

nice blog! like your taste !!

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you might love them!


i love love love this shot. it's perfect.

beautiful photo!

Amazing portrait...one for your Blurb book, if you are thinking about one. Love the reflection in the glasses and the strong urbane feel of his demeanor and expression.

Wow. Amazing. Love so much about this but I don't want to break it down into individual elements. Just. Love.

You are out of control! Blow me away!

ohh thank you!!
i love this one!

Great shots, love the reflections in his glasses. His hair is so bad! Haha

I love how you caught the reflection of the buildings in his glasses without having it obscure his eyes, it's a great pic all round!

Oh yes yes! this is really an amazing portrait! very impressive, love love love it! the glasses are so cute ^^ and the expression of the man too! hihi! Love it!

Just amazing!

oh this is so good.. he's the epitome of cool :)

I want him as my dad

I can definitely see him as being a nice guy! and i love his glasses and his whole look. such a great photo, you can really feel this guys personality.

xo, camilla

Very cool shot!

Good good...so direct... those glasses make his eyes even bigger!

Beautiful portrait! Love his genuine face expression and the city reflection in his glasses <3

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