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March 25, 2010


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The city is the best landscape, in my opinion, from an individual and very selfish standpoint. I enjoy the energy and the synergy that comes from a big group of people, sharing space and living around one another. The concept of being alone in a group is definitely something I appreciate. These photos capture that feeling perfectly.

I find it interesting that the woman looks like she is on her cellphone. These modern gadgets such as iPods and Blackberries are quite intriguing in the way they separate us from the people who are physically close to us so that we may connect with those who are not. It is a conundrum of the Tech Age. beautiful photos by the way. Thank you.

So perfectly worded.. I couldn't have said it any better. These pictures really capture the essence of the peace solitude brings.

Such beautiful photographs, and love your 'inspiration' behind them...

oh! i guess you would already what i have to say about this topic!!! so, aside from how much i resonates to this topic, the photographs are breathtaking - i have never seen south seaport the way you saw it - seriously, thanks for sharing this two magnification photos ...xx

I love the structure of the first photo...you are so good at that!

Dude, alone time is like a gift for me...I love being alone, I charish it, and am a better person for it. Even if it is just for a moment.

Your thoughs are so poetic! So True! So Insperational!

Thanks for the great foto posts. new york is so great - I'm in LA & can't wait to get back to 'the city' camera in hand!

I love the tension between the circles and the straight lines and hard angles in the first picture. It's what hit my eye first.
The girl gives the this man-made structures the human part. In fact I see the picture as a great example of the missing connection between what we build and how these structures aren't that cosy or an integral part of us.

It's the second picture that fits your description of solitude for me.

In any case I like both pictures. But I think that the first picture belongs into a contemporary art show at the MoMA. Well done.

Exquisite wording.
San is right. The first picture belongs at MoMA. (Scratch that, ALL your pictures belong in the Hall Of Fame).
So cleverly done and well written. (does it sound like I'm always over excited about your blog?)

On an unrelated matter, did you hear about 'The Condo At The Trump' that sold for $32.1m to an unnamed chinese businees man?

i agree with you completely. people underestimate the importance of spending time with oneself. we should love our own company, no?

It is also good to be accompanied

I like the perspective and the games of
shadows and light on the first one...

The second and also sublime :
The black and white balance, the sweetness of
the background and the blackness of
the foreground .

I like very much the theme and the aura
of these photos, I find them melancholic and
magnificent .

These comments are all divine! Thank you. Such a pleasure to read!

ah well, just channeled my inner modern art professor for you. ;-)

Glad you like the "interplay".

beautiful. i'm sure though that in a city like new york a lot of people are lonely. it is a tough city, and sometimes meeting a friend can demand a lot of work and a lot of planning because everyone is so busy. i think you can make time for things, meeting others or being alone. i like solitude too, in fact i need it, to upload my energy and creativity.

This really speaks to me, PD: the images and your words. Until I started my blog, my photography and art was very... solitary. (I remember an art director once asking if I 'like people' - because my illustration book didn't actually have people in it). It had never occurred to me!

Perhaps because I'm so social, and so verbal, I really need a large bulk of my day to be physically alone, and quiet. Apart from street shooting, my photography, and my art, is something that I do alone, a place I go to be quiet.

I love what Carole wrote. Cities can indeed be lonely places, and I've felt that at times in NY (less so in London for some reason). But I love that phrase 'to upload my energy and creativity': exactly.

came here to reply about your ballet shoes comment: I'm the same. Will always be a ballet shoes/pumps girl. And altho I write in Brit speak, I will always be translating it in my head from sweater to jumper, and oxfords to brogues. You can take the girl out of NYC...

never alone with a bottle

Beautiful photos. The composition in the first has my eyes so engaged I could jump right in.
The second photo reminds me of an assignment I did in post-secondary about visual interpretation and the human psyche. A man alone on a bench...A large percentage of people polled immediately thought there was a sadness about the image but for me it represented a moment of peace.
Like many, I have a crazy busy life balancing my own business, family, my young children and husband, friends...but I really do love being alone at times. I think it's so important to be by yourself and not be lonely.

Beautifully stated. I LOVE being alone, especially with nothing better to do than to wander the streets of New York, window shop (okay, real shop, too), enjoy a coffee. Nice.

Hello PD! That first shot is ridiculously beautiful. Amazing composition of light and dark. Stunning, which is why you are always part of my morning ritual.

Thank you!!

I think you got to the heart of it- free of compromise and negotiation.

Beautifully composed, as usual. Love your b/w processing. Superb!

your photos are amazing.I love New York!

Poignant read, Photodiarist. I admire minimalism in photographs, and often that involves a single person or object. I have mixed feelings about solitude: as freeing as being alone is, there still is for me an underlying element of loneliness inherent within. Everything is a dialectic I guess.

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