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March 23, 2010


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Brilliant photos, you captured the movement so beautifully!!!

Thanks B!!

Wow I love how you didn't focus on the dude's face or hands, but his legs and feet!! Really captures the motion perfectly, almost can taste the moment.

Whoa! *jaw dropping to the floor*

I'm running out of Superlatives to describe how I feel and think about your pictures! My mind is a blank, looking at these!!!

Great photos !

The second photo reminds me a work of art or
an architecture with a design "N" .

I love the shadows on the ground everything
in undulation,(as the scratch of a zebra )
I find that it stresses even more
the movement .


That's hilarious - you are lucky you have all your teeth :) I know a 9 year-old who would hang one of these photos framed on a wall! Fantastic.

Wow! I love the movement and that tension between gravity and floating you've captured- amazing.

Great photos :-)!
Thanks for the comment on my blog.
Have a great day,

Great movement photos!

Yes, I agree with Nadine. I'd hang prints of them on my wall too, even though I 32.

I've send my Ironman readers right over to you. Tri Diesel's Comment on my blog "WOW!!! That's cool"

Thanks San, Shini, C, Nadine, Tanvi, Nini and Man From Amsterdam . . . I appreciate the feedback.

San - a special thanks for the "shout-out".

I'd like to echo everyone else (it's funny: I just saw Shini today btw!) These are.. superlative. I have no words to describe. That 2nd one especially: it's like, famous.

I wish there was a way we could re-tweet photos. Actually.. can I 'borrow' it & put a small version on my sidebar & link to your blog? I'd hate for anyone to miss seeing this.

Okay that's a lot of words for one who is speechless ; ) considering I came here to thank you for the comment & directing me to Garance Dore's post: it's great.

Art in motion.
Well captured.

I am quite addicted to your photography. Honestly. Please keep us guessing.

Thank YOU! It's up: top right corner. ; )

these are pretty incredible. the angle is great and i love the shadows. really quite interesting... even though there isn't a face or anything like that to focus on it really holds your attention. xx

Great action shots...and he did it without cardboard. Thanks for sharing.


I concur: the second image is really special. Congratulations. When this appeared on bloglovin, I thought this was another post about Bryanboy but I doubt he can breakdance!

Thanks for these images & the comment on my blog.


You know how to manage light


More wonderfulness!

I tried to get some shots of street break dancers last weekend, but my lens wasn't fast enough for the sharpness I wanted, unfortunately. What aperture control are you on here? Certainly < f/2?

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