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December 13, 2009


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So many simple things...watching birds on the back porch, a conversation with a friend, watching snow fall, seeing and hearing the laughter of children...

I really love your pictures! It's like I was walking in the street and experience something realy personal and wonderful. They intimate some undercover beauty of everyday life what we just can't describe with words but it definetely exists and it makes me feel so good that you share these special moments with everyone. Thank you.

Simple Things: Sleeping, Sleeping at my desk at work, sleeping on the train, looking in the night sky observing a plethora of constellations, being around family and good people

girls nights at home with my best friend Domi always make me happy & pleased - talking about everything & singing songs & dancing in the kitchen while cooking yummy meals & drinking french champagne ;))) just like yesterday ;)))

Exept watching movies at home with my mom or reading a book in my bed, I love to have a walk in the center of Rome (when there's few people around). You are right - it's the most simple things for what we never have the time, that are the most precious.

I love just to sit in the window and see the rain or snow...


Tea & buttered toast. Making coffee in the metal italian espresso pot my friend BK gave me back in NY (the whole ritual/process: cleaning the little pot, filling with the coffee, waiting for the gurgle, catching it before it spills over, pour into favourite little cup, add sugar, milk, drink). Swimming. Alternately, making/taking a bubble bath with baby oil & bath salts. Candles. TV with my husband & the cat. TV while my husband is asleep, with the cat. Petting said cat. Walking. Looking at the sky (in any weather). Wishing on the first star. Coming home on a cold or rainy day & taking off my shoes, clothes, putting on pyjamas. Being in a natural setting, especially by water and/or mountains. Anything outdoors in a warm climate. Reading in bed under the covers. Playing with my niece Scarlett. Or, as she said on a sleep-over, anything COSY.

I really like this guy: there's something in the set of his mouth, and his eyebrows, that show he's a really nice guy.

an epic film in which i can lose myself, and emerge affected and moved. even better if it is rainy and cold outside, like today.

My son's smile.

wouldnt be the same if the guy was sitting there reading his kindle or whatever... as much as i like computers for doing things, it's much more soothing to be holding a book or magazine.

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