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December 31, 2009


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you are so lucky to have so many different beautiful seasons! You capture them so deaply!

Thank you so much for your support! it means the world to me! <3 Cristi

Dear Photodiarist,

An unrepentant technophobe I am but your photography has melted my heart. I thought curiousity would kill me when I skipped over from TheSartorialist but I have lived to tell the tale.
Please keep on amusing me and all those who come here for that certain 'je ne sais quoi'.

If you could...
Tell me how to do this [blog?] and I will make you very happy too with what happens in London.
I have tried setting something up but it just won't fly.

Happy 2010.


I love the contrast between the lightness of the snow and the darkness of the trees and chairs. It makes me want to move to NY!

Merry 2010 Photodiarist- Your photos are full of wonder, as always. Cheers!

Happy new year photodiarist, maybe our paths will cross in 2010!

Cristi - I love your blog. So glad I found you this year.

Babababble: Thanks for stopping by! And for the compliment. I appreciate it tremendously. If you have time, you should try this blogging thing. Happy to chat more about it over email. Happy New Year.

Carol - I like that one too!

Don - thank you. Your photos are always an inspiration!

Carole - I am sure that they will!

Happy New Year!

This is a beautiful series of shots!

How I love your snow pictures! Those are some great shots...especially of the snow covered chairs. I always enjoy looking at your shots! Happy New Year!

you have the most amazing blog.i like these pics,especially the one with the little girls.

I love these, especially the chairs with the "snow cushions"...everything is fantastically crisp!

Happy New Year! Love the Photos of the beautiful snow. I bet it was magical in the city that day all white and clean! Perfect way to start your year : )

Dear Photodiarist,

Happy New York year.

Thank you for your encouraging note.
It worked, because I made it a New year resolution. I finally put something together at /asseenlondon.blogspot.com/

I'd prefer enlarged images but I gave up trying. I probably need some more blog education.
But you will glimpse some sights of west London where I have lived for over a decade.

If you've been to London, some of the sights might even be familiar. See if you can make any guesses.

Thank you for inspiration. I think I have started the new decade well. Look forward to your comments. Good and bad, please.

Warm regards,


Hi! Found your blog a while ago, and I just have to say I love your photos! The contrasts and light is amazing! You are really an inspiration!
Happy New year! Cant wait to see more pictures!
Mia :)

Happy New Year to you, the first two photos in this post are just stunning. I sat, I stared, I'm happy.

From Me To You: I am glad that you are happy! Thank you.

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