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December 30, 2009


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I would love to run around and lost in the second one. Preferably wearing a light gauzy cotton long dress with thousands of small tiny ruffles and lace inserts oh - and hopefully the sun would be beating down on me!
Great photos AS ALWAYS

your post tells & shows all about fall even tho it is black & white. masterclass.

I really enjoy the first photo. So romantic and lush.

Thanks Muse! I love your vision about the second photo.

Isabella - Thank you. Hope that you have a great new year. How did exams go?

Dream Sequins - yes - I agree that it is quite lush and leafy. Have a great new year.

Oh, beautiful shots! I love what 'muse' said: now I can see that, too! Actually what I'd love to do is take your shot, then one from Roz's blog, and put her in that shot, but teeny tiny - like Alice in Wonderland.

I know it's probably best seen in colour, but that's the power of these photos, that they say autumn, even in black & white. Just realised, I've missed summer..

It's a great idea you had here, i love the four pics.
x, A.

Countryside photo-trip & a drop of water/ a slice of sun :

I love black and white pictures! It shows the raw emotions.


What beauty!! I don't think I have ever seen such beauty in black and white shots, but you have captured it all so wonderfully!! Thank you for sharing! :)

sometimes, it's nice to omit the color and enjoy shape and composition!!!

i wish you all the best for the year 2010 ... xx

OHHHHHHH you are amazing!

HAPPY NEW YEAR DUDE!!!!!!!! Hope you have a super rad LONG weekend.... :)

the 3rd is super nice..!


Absolutely gorgeous... Love the post before this too. Happy New Year, darls. To another year of inspiring, incredible photographs. LFN

Le Fist Noir! Glad to hear from you. Thank you. Happy New Year to you too!

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