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November 24, 2009


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The bitten apple in the big apple... what a doble temptation :)
Where do you go for your vacation ?

Another great Iphone picture. I can never achieve that level of contrast. Must practice.

Ju: The secret is an app that I bought when I first got the phone. It converts pics to black and white.

La flore et la faune: I am in Morocco right now.

Wow...gorgeous photo!

Goes to show, you don't need the best photographic tools to take brilliant photos :)

i think the grain adds to the picture :)

hey u great blogger! this picture make me feel bad.i wanna LIVE in ny.

love your eye for inspiration & a beautiful photograph. The Big Apple through 'Apple' - magnifico!

I started taking pics with my iPhone too, after I saw other photographers do it. It can be quite handy, for a quick or discreet pic, but still not quite the same pleasure. and for blog publishing the quality is not bad (although I wouldn't try to make a print :))

Very tasty composition. iPhone again ? Wow.
Hope you'll post some pic from Morocco and give us a little exotic vibe ;) Enjoy your vacations ! xx

Something old, something new.. oh did I read, is it Morocco you're going? For some reason I thought it was home, in the states. Have a wonderful, safe trip PD, looking forward to seeing the shots from there, but just have fun & don't worry about posting while you're on holiday!

Hope you get sun & swimming, you lucky duck ; ) xoxo

This seriously makes me want to get an i-phone just so I can take pics with it. Would've never guessed it was taken with just an i-phone.

Congratulations! Great picture! Love, love the perspective and the grow up building. You are a so good photografer!


I can´t wait to visit NYC some day, hopefully next year.. then i get to see it all with my own eyes! though your pictures are almost as good.. love your photo blog and will keep visiting!



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