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November 18, 2009


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I love that it looks like he just rode there and ploped himself down and started reading, pant still rolled up and all :)

PS We watched this cheezy movie(I loved it) the Maid of Honor last night. Some of the movie took place in the park you take pictures in... I felt like I had been there allready :)

When i've lived in NYC South Street Seaport was one of my fav spots. So glad you've dicsovered its charm :)

Isabella, I have lived in New York for 9 years and yet, I rarely go all the way downtown. So, I am glad that I have rediscovered South Street Seaport too. P.S. Thanks for stopping by the blog so often. I's really a treat to read your comments. Same to you Cristi!!

"a reputation for being aggressive, stressed out and hurried" just like parisians...

but we know how to relax too, thanks to champagne and red wine. Cheers.

I totally forgot about the South Street Seaport! Wow, PD, it's like you're living my life, going back in time. I'll never forget working in the art dept of a (now gone) very large Wall Street bank, and a very stylish girlfriend was meeting me for drinks there. She walked thru in her little deliberate outfit of shirt catholic girl pleated miniskirt, school jacket, thru this sea of men in suits, who were just staring at her, and she went running up to me and said: 'Look at all these men! In suits!'

At the time, it was very much an after work scene. Is that still the case? Great shot, by the way. I wonder why he's got one leg rolled up.

haha ... i totally agree with jill - i am almost forgotten about it - now you reminded - i got to check it out soon!!! isn't wired how we just forget about certain place in our city ...xx

Oh..lovely, I don't think I could ever relax like that...darn. Every time I visit your blog, I cannot wait to get back to NY--are you doing any traveling for the holidays?

Surely it's the opposite of what the world knows about New Yorker. I like it!

I adore the South Street Seaport, but I may be a tad partial as it's in my hood. I have these perfect memories of going there in the hot summertime when I was young, and lounging in the lawn chairs on the top floor for hours with a delicious book. Definitely need to look into that again, thanks for reminding me!

not only is he relaxed, but he is obviously reading something quite entertaining.

Perhaps I can entice you for a photo expedition to Brooklyn Heights, my friend! We have lots of water and amazing sunsets, as well. Not to mention, phenomenal views of the city and the amazing and iconic Brooklyn Bridge. xx

hehe, this photo makes me smile... don't even know why... but it did...

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