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October 20, 2009


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I love cats... but this guy is strange!


I hope that he's using those dollars to buy delicious treats for his fabulous kitty.


Agreed I think it would be the cat's $ not his! The cat looks so regal, like she is posing for you!

Great shot, great little story! What a sad man. I guess if you didn't pay up, he'd have to watch you delete his shot?

It is a great shot, tho, and worth the dollar. I love the way the cat is looking one way & him another. You seem to have a magic touch with composition, PD. I'm sure this was a quick shoot & yet the elements make a really good composition: the geometry of the buildings fits like a perfect puzzle with the subject.

a friend of color man and his bird on the head ?

a fun story, really great shot. and i do love kitty cats.
but that guy...seriously. what a way to make a dollar.

Actually, it's better than sitting behind a desk all day. Nice shot.

Cool. I like this story also. The man with the cat is a great subject. Fantastic work!

I just love this! Great character capture. And I must say, quite a lucrative gig! He's kinda like a 21st century freak show but less creepy.

I'm crazy about cats,
I have one, 15 ears old, the best cat in the world....

Cats are very very hard to train.....

how cute! but really, can he really enforce having people pay?
what a loyal and well-behaved cat! mine would run away...

re your commend on Kimiko, i'm so pumped you like her too! I found the pictures arresting. it's amazing the power that photography can have over you, i just remember feeling like this tiny tiny being in one city and that i am one of very very many people in the world that live their lives in such a different way than i do... i just thought it was a very cool way to broaden someone's perspective on how small minded you can become...
cheers darling xox

I see this guy all the time walking around Union Square. lol

niceeeeee! :)

Great shot and fun story, I love the characters you are able to meet in a big city :) First time i'm on your blog, like it lots and will be back!

oh my god, i saw that guy this summer while i was in new york visiting colleges!! and he screamed at me because i tried to take a picture of him (i didn't know that he wanted money either hahaha) but this is such a cool shot. i also saw the naked cowboy too! i love your photography & your blog! thanks for the sweet comments :]


xo, Camilla

haha - love it - I see this guy all over the city!

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